Day 37 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Finding Cheese in my ‘Mouth’trap

I am a woman of many words. I am never one to pass up on giving my opinion; I jump at the chance to climb up on my soapbox and speak my mind; and I definitely did not get an ‘A’ in class for my quiet demeanor. Oh no, if you were to ask my junior high and high school teachers, coaches, and pretty much anyone else, they would tell you that Jaime was a little…let’s just say “loud.” Some might substitute “annoying” in there, but I prefer to be remembered by a more neutral term. But today, I was quietly humbled by the Unexpected Health I discovered in…shutting up!

Now, let me preface this by saying that it was not ME who actually ‘shut my trap.’ But, I learned a good lesson in being the bigger person and remaining silent. There are lots of healthy aspects that result from speaking your truth: you remain honest to yourself and to others; you empower yourself by standing up for what you believe; and of course, we have all heard the devastating stories of children, battered women, minority groups, etc., being mistreated and remaining silent. But sometimes (actually oftentimes), there is a quiet wisdom that surfaces in the silence, and tapping into wisdom of all volumes is healthy.

When we better filter our voice boxes, we practice wisdom. There is wisdom in speaking our truth. And there is wisdom in sitting back and letting others learn their own lessons, in their own time. I find that when I feel the incessant need to rattle off my thoughts, I am trying to control. I am attempting (even if my intentions are good) to MAKE someone do what I think is best for them. How do I know what is best for someone? I barely know what’s best for me sometimes! So the next time you feel your tongue about to tango out a litany of words, consider taking the road I less travel, and keep your mouth shut! It’s amazing to sit back and see how life very quietly unfolds…especially when you let go of the reigns. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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