Day 39 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Heath Project

Naming Health

My name is Jaime. As a child, I hated my name because the spelling always created confusion and often during the first day of school roll call, I would dread to hear my name called, “Hi-may Mitchell, are you hear?” I would sheepishly reply, “Here,” which would immediately prompt the, “Oh, I guess your name is Jaime…it’s spelled differently.” Yes, thank you parents! Now, I love my name. I even love the spelling. This morning, while walking through the very accurately named Big Trees area, I thought about the Unexpected Health that spells out a name.

Names are very significant. Names forever stamp a meaning on an organism…and being remembered for something unique and special is healthy. People think long and hard when naming their children, their businesses, even their animals. As I walked this morning, I was introduced to a lively, chocolate lab and poodle mix named Buddy. Buddy was watching and following his human friend from house to car as his human was packing to leave. This name was so fitting for this fun-loving ball of fur. You could see what a good companion—a good buddy—this dog is to his human. It was not hard to see the health benefits of their friendship. At that moment, I wondered if his human understood the unexpected health benefit of choosing a specific name for his four-legged pal; that choosing that name was also fulfilling a need of a friend.

Further on my walk, I was surrounded with the peaceful solitude of a morning in the mountains. I heard running water, no doubt a result of the snow melt because of yesterday’s amazingly sunny day. I heard an owl hooting, a squirrel barreling up a tree, and once in a while, I would hear a dog barking in the distance. I was surrounded by nature, earth, and majestic beauty. At that moment, I thought about another name: Tara. The name in all of its spellings means, “hillside.” For some reason beyond my human comprehension, I thought about the tragic loss of a family friend’s daughter named Tara. I didn’t know her very well, so I found it peculiar that I thought of her on this Valentine’s morning. But then I realized that she is in everything. Her very significant name and her time here on this planet are forever embedded in the beauty of our world…our hillside, our Earth…our Tara. It made me sad to think about all of her loved ones left behind to grieve her absence; and at the same time, as I walked through the magic of this place, I thought of her and her name. I correlated the timeless beauty of my surroundings with her. I  thought that when her loved ones are sad and miss her, maybe they too find some solace, some peace, in the natural scenery of Earth…of her name.

We don’t know how much time we have here on this planet. We never know when we might gain a “buddy” or devastatingly lose a loved one. But we have the choice to make something of our name. We have the opportunity to live each day to its fullest, most healthFUL potential. So, if you haven’t looked up the meaning of your name, or if you don’t remember what your name means, read about it. Your parents named you for a reason, for a purpose. Live up to that purpose. My name means, “Supplanter,” which means “to replace, to succeed.” I plan to live up to my name in the most healthFUL way possible. I challenge you to do the same. –Until tomorrow, Jaime

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