Day 41 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Recharged for Health

Today was another beautiful day. I felt the urge to soak up a little sun this afternoon, so I left work a little early, drove home (windows down and sunroof open, of course!), changed my clothes to a tank top and shorts to make sure my skin would feel the warmth of the day, and off I went up to the Open Space. Now for those of you who have been following along, you know my near-tragic experience a month or so back (quick refresher: Lucca got spooked, ran away, panic strikes, Jaime loses her “marbles,” drives around Walnut Creek yelling at innocent bystanders, finds Lucca; all is well in the world). Today’s run/hike did not have a lost dog in its adventure, but I did have what I thought to be a small setback. However, after an hour on a dirt path between the rolling hills and the green, overgrown grass, I discovered that my so-called setback was actually my Unexpected Health insight for the day… the health that recharges us when our batteries are dead.

As soon as I was outdoors, I felt the desire to run. Now, this desire does not happen often, so when I feel it, it is essential I act on it. For that reason, I keep my iPod in my car just in case I ever need the music inspiration to keep my legs moving. Well today, as soon as I ‘hit the ground running,’ my music was nowhere to be heard. After pushing the Play button, and then pushing it harder (you know, if you push a button EXTRA hard it’s supposed to work, right?!)…nothing. So, I was left to trek around huffing and puffing to no music. But, what I lost in melodies, I gained in mindfulness, and being given the opportunity to “tune in” is healthy.

Music has a substantial amount of health benefits (expected and unexpected…see Day 2), but quietness is also booming with health. Because my battery life had reached its capacity today, I was forced to listen to the music of my surroundings. I listened to wild and domesticated animals. I heard conversations between people, between people and their animals (those are always entertaining…including my own!), and between my mind and my heart. When I have no other distractions, I can tune in to my internal communication. Those quiet nudges that I can easily disregard because I’m noise-distracted, are voluminous when my world is without noise. But sometimes, fate has to step in to force me to pay attention. Today, my fate was thanks to my battery.

So the next time you freak out because your iPod Shuffle, your cell phone, or your Bluetooth run out of battery life, consider it a blessing in disguise. When your battery life is depleted, you have the opportunity to recharge your internal life. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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