Day 42 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Words of Wisdom

I. Love. Words. I love the written word; I can’t get enough of a ‘play on words’ (I’ll explain this later); I love acronyms, synonyms, action verbs and adjectives. I love literal stories and metaphorical insights. Today, as I worked with words both written and spoken, I discovered how Unexpected Health is spelled out when we don’t take words so literally.

I’m quite certain there are numerous ways that words in literal form are healthy: being told, “I love you,” promotes healthy connection; being congratulated encourages self-esteem. But the unexpected health insight from words is how expanded our perspective can become when we throw out the dictionary and get a little wordy.

I was given a gift today. Prepare for some ‘play on words’: The gift I received did not come wrapped in pretty paper or neatly tucked in an overpriced gift bag. The gift I received was the gift of collaboration. Try wrapping that and putting it under the Christmas tree! Collaboration, although wildly anti-climactic when compared to the highly popular blue Tiffany’s box, is a gift that keeps on giving…and receiving. When you collaborate, you are helping equip others with a lifetime of tools for health and success. This is a gift that will not eventually tarnish. The gift of collaboration brings me to another healthy ‘play on words’ that correlates with gifts: when someone asks me what ‘gift’ I want, I like to say I prefer presence, not presents. Give me the gift of connection and activity, rather than trinkets and knick knacks.

The spoken word can so easily be taken out of context. Or, we can take words so literally that we miss what’s really being said. I prefer practicing the art of taking words at more than face value and focusing on what is really being said behind the subject and verb. So the next time you are listening, talking, or reading, try expanding your dictionary definition of the words you hear. You never know what healthy insights you might retain when you hear. When you hear, you’re here, so be present to the gifts words give you. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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