Day 51 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Spoon Full of Frustration

I am no Mary Poppins. A “spoon full of sugar,” does nothing for my physical health, my mental health, or my state of mind. Although I still love this 50s classic, and Mary Poppins’s school of thought is healthy in her own way, I actually found a spoon full of my own Unexpected Health today…from getting mad.

Yes, getting mad is a very uncharacteristic Mary Poppins move. But just as being sugary sweet is healthy for some experiences, getting downright pissed off is completely necessary for others…and understanding that you don’t always have to be perfectly composed is healthy. Sometimes, the most healthFUL response you can have is to get mad.

I find that getting mad pushes us to a crossroads, and crossroads of all kinds are positive places to be. When we arrive at a crossroads in our life, whether it be a career decision, a relationship decision, or even a driving decision, we are presented with options. Crossroads force us to make a decision that will undoubtedly change the course of our path, and by the very coming to a crossroads mean that a decision needs to be made. From an emotional standpoint, I find we often don’t make decisions UNTIL we actually come to these relationship forks-in-the-road…and these often come when we get fed up and angry.

I have a hard time really getting angry. I try and maintain ‘my cool’ as often as I can, but I have found that actually, getting mad has propelled me to make some very healthy decisions in my life…decisions I would probably never have made if life stayed monotonous; free of angry situations and frustrating people. So the next time you feel yourself getting perturbed, don’t worry about maintaining Mary Poppin composure. It’s okay to get angry. In fact, it’s necessary. If you are angry and fed up, rest assure that a little healthy change is coming your way. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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