Day 52 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Drops of Health

Today, in my neck of the woods, we have been getting rained on. What this equates to (besides the much needed hydration of California) is: wet pant legs if they drag on the ground; wiry, frizzy hair if the rain touches it; and forget about keeping your floors clean if you have a dog (which you all know by now that I do). But today, as I walked from my car to the house, I was startled by the Unexpected Health that pours on us…with drips of rain.

As I hurried to get out of the dark, open sky and under the shelter of my house overhang, I was doused with a rain drip the size of a grape…at least, that’s what it felt like. The bangs that I had actually taken the time to fix this morning immediately shriveled into the awkward swirl on my forehead that I try so desperately to straighten out (curly hair is much easier to tame in the summer!). But, as soon as that drip hit my forehead, I literally jumped, and being jilted back to reality is healthy. But let me back up…

I woke up in a peculiar mood. I guess I woke up in a ‘fog,’ so to speak. My mind was unclear, much like the experience of driving in the fog…you don’t quite know what’s going on or what’s in front of you. I got up, got dressed and headed out to do my errands. Although I had read about mindfulness earlier in the morning, I was anything BUT paying attention. But then, like a bolt of lightning rattles the earth, I was struck with a rain drop…well actually, it was a rain drip. The cold gush of water that fell on my face woke me up. I might have physically risen out of bed this morning, but I was very much asleep until Mother Nature decided I had had enough zzz’s.

Getting wet from the rain can be annoying. But, I found that it is also quite healthy…and healing. After being jilted by the drip, a slight smile came across my face because I knew Something more, Someone other than myself, was trying to get my attention. And it worked. I think it is perfectly okay to have “off” days; to feel like life is a little strange. But when it’s time to focus less on the strangeness and more on the beauty and opportunity, life has a funny way of waking us up. And sometimes, what wakes us up is anything but our alarm clocks. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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