Day 55 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Science Experience

Have you ever had a really great idea but nobody believed in you? Ever think to yourself, “Gosh, this is so great if only it could get into the hands of the right person?” I’ve had that thought many times in my life. Unfortunately, either those “hands” have never waved me down, or maybe, just maybe, my idea wasn’t as fantastic, as mind blowing, as I had thought?! Well tonight, as I sat with total satisfaction watching healthFUL practices be proven–measurably–healthy, my double-blind  experiment was concluded…Unexpected Health occurs in science.

There was actually nothing double-blind about my experiment. Both eyes, ears, and my heart were completely open. But what I discovered was that although science has many known, textbook-cited health benefits (cures for a variety of diseases, research on genetics, smoking, and disease), the unexpected health proven in science comes from the results…and having tangible measurements of our health and life is healthy.

Now, let me be clear. When I say measurements, I am in no way talking numbers on the scales, which in and of itself, is NOT a strong indicator of health. Nor am I referring to your BMI, your age, or your waist to hip ratio. I am referring to your blood pressure. Those two little numbers (hopefully in the 120/80 range) are such powerful indicators of our health, wellbeing, and state of mind. Tonight, I watched as researchers–scientists–proved that the simple (or not!) act of forgiveness can lower blood pressure; which of course, increases health.

We live in a culture of high pressure, high stress, and ultimately, high blood pressure. Hypertension affects countless Americans and those affected are becoming younger and younger. But, blood pressure medication can have a detrimental affect on our physical body. So, I wonder what our lives would be like if we used a practice such as forgiveness to “treat” hypertension? What would our drug companies do if we opted out of our prescriptions and instead picked up refills of love, forgiveness, and humanity? I am not saying that medication is unnecessary, but I do wonder what kind of world we would live in if running to the drug store wasn’t our first remedy option? So, the next time you take your blood pressure medication, consider the proven scientific data on the most “all natural,” non-toxic, organic, form of medication on the market for hypertension…forgiveness. No healthcare plan needed. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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