Day 56 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project


10:56pm: I am in silence. No music, no phone calls, no dog barking (or whining, which she does often), and no TV. I am quietly lying in my bed; my favorite place to reflect upon and write about my adventures with unexpected health. But wait, a noise…a very loud, booming noise begins piercing the quietness of the night. In fact, I recall hearing this obnoxious noise last night! What the heck is ANYONE doing making such a ruckus at this hour…on a Wednesday? I listen a little closer and discover the this ‘noise heard ’round the world’ (or just my neighborhood) is none other than a jack hammer…yep, you read that correctly. At now 11pm on a Wednesday evening, jack hammers are puncturing our streets. Huh?!

So of course, this obnoxiously distracting noise makes me think. How can I possibly find health in THIS? Well, drumroll please…I have chiseled my way toward finding the Unexpected Health that breaks up the silence…with night work.

Last year was a trying year for many of us. Our economic state of affairs were (and still are) rather bleak. But tonight, as I lay here listening to the road construction taking place at this hour, I am reminded that opportunity is out there….and knowing that there is a light at the end of any tunnel is healthy. Night work of any kind demonstrates that movement is still happening. In fact, there is so much movement that some of our ‘movement carriers’ (like our roads) must be worked on in the wee hours of the night. Right now, as I am writing this, someone has work jack hammering a street apart…or whatever else they are making all this noise for. What a bittersweet sound to be rickashaying off my otherwise quiet surroundings. Although I may be kept awake (which I won’t because I can sleep through almost anything), someone else may be making enough money to put food on their family’s table.

11:09pm: Jackhammer is still tearing up cement. Now, I hear a large construction truck backing up. You know how I know it is backing up? By the yet another noisy beep, beep, beep sound of the truck’s reverse. What this means (besides the fact that I should seriously consider relocating to the country one of these days!) is that there are at least TWO jobs being done right now and at least two people being compensated for contributing to society.

Of course, I would love to fall asleep to the sounds of crickets, or wind, or the ocean. But, the city noise is a sweet little reminder that we are still moving; our city is expanding, and our ‘tides’ are constantly changing. So the next time you are awakened to the early morning street workers, the late-night construction crew, or the mid afternoon renovation, remember that although they may be bothersome personally, they are expansive collectively. And if nothing else…

11:29-buy earplugs.

-Until tomorrow, Jaime

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