Day 57 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

A Little Hair Health

Today’s Unexpected Health insight may seem like it comes foiled with a bit of a personal “plug” so-to-speak, but it really doesn’t. You may think that I’m soliciting new business, but I’m not. I will simply highlight some important concepts I discovered–some Unexpected Health, if you will–while getting my hair done.

Now, there are lots of reasons that getting your hair done is healthy: you cut off dead ends, allowing new growth; you can transform your look, which can boost your confidence; and of course, you hair follicles get a little TLC from those heavenly scalp massages. But the Unexpected Health that gets processed with your color is that as you are visually seeing your hair change, you get to watch as those around you are changed as well.

OK, I admit that I do own a hair salon and of course, I welcome any and every new client. But, as I sat in the chair getting my VERY prematurely gray hair covered up,  I was pleasantly flooded with information, opinions, and insight. It is commonly assumed that hair salons are gossipy, and to be honest, I’m sure there has been more than one occasion that I have sat in a chair, foil in my hair, starting conversations with, “Well, I heard that…,” “Oh, well did you hear…”. I bet many of us would be guilty of salon chair gossip. But today, as I was acutely aware that I wanted positivity to come flying out of my mouth (instead of gossip), I noticed that those around me were all very positive as well..and being witness to positive creating positive is healthy. In fact, not only did I have conversation after conversation of healthFUL topics, the entire energy of the salon was fantastic! I talked with the stylists, listening to their very humanitarian ways that they wanted to give back…to ‘pay it forward.’ I talked with clients about the joy they receive from watching a good movie with their family, or nestling up with a good book.

It is easy to expect experiences, people, and situations to be a certain way if “society” (I use this term loosely) tells us so. But what a treat to discover that we can and do create our reality. Now, I’m not saying this in a condemning way. I do not think that people who have illnesses or disease or experienced tragedy have brought these on themselves. That would be an awful thought to have to share space with physical illness or grief. But I do find that expecting greatness can in fact, manifest some pretty cool experiences. So the next time you are getting your hair (at Russell Allen Salon, of course…I had to get the personal plug in somewhere!), remember to keep your eyes, your ears, and especially your heart, open. You never know how you could be positively blown away by more than a hair dryer. Go ahead and cover up the gray…but expose the greatness. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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