Day 59 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Setting Your Alarm Clock For Health…At Any Hour

You may be wondering why day’s tidbit is posted so early. You might be thinking to yourself, “What is she doing so early on a Saturday?” Well, as I sit and type at 7:37am, I am reminded about some Unexpected Health…when you are woken up.

Yes, I said it. There is Unexpected Health in being warm, cozy, and snoozing in your bed on a Saturday morning to abruptly rising and shining before you would like. But sometimes we need to take a few moments to rub the sleep out of our eyes before we can ‘see’ the health.

Today, at 7:14am, I was harassed by my animals. On any given Saturday, some people may get awakened by the little faces of their children; others may have to work; but I get to experience the morning ritual of my cat eating my dried flowers, which prompts my dog to start whining, and to top off my ‘musical’ morning, my other cat starts whimpering because he is obsessed with his morning food. I am usually just fine with this routine since it usually occurs right AFTER my alarm goes off. But on the weekends, my furry little friends evidently think that they should keep the ritual alive (these are the times I want to post the, “Free to Good Home” ads).

After approximately 15 minutes of being annoyed, locking my cats out of my room and pulling the covers over my head, I decided that I should just get up and start writing. I opened my blinds (it’s healthFUL to ‘show’ your body that it is time to be awake by exposing yourself to some immediate sunlight), grabbed my laptop, and away my little fingers flew on the keyboard. But as I sat in my bed, I immediately noticed how the sun was perfectly positioned to sneak into my room. If I had opened my blinds 15 minutes earlier, or even 15 minutes later, I would have missed the light…and catching a glimpse of light–at any hour–is healthy.

It is essential that we get our sleep. But sometimes, I think we are “awakened” very purposefully. Isn’t it interesting that awakened is used interchangeably: you can be awakened from physical sleep; and you can be awakened from metaphorical sleep. Today is cloudy and dreary. But when I opened my blinds, I caught a glimpse (at a time I thought I would have rather been sleeping) of maybe the only bit of sunlight today will bring. How lucky am I?! So the next time you are awakened before your desired time, remember that maybe, just maybe, there is something greater you are supposed to be awakened to.  -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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