Day 60 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Digestive Health

In the wee hours of the night, I was awakened by pain. I tossed and turned, drank water, and then sat for nearly an hour, wondering why I had inflicted discomfort on myself. Once I fell back asleep and then woke up when it was finally daylight, I thought about the Unexpected Health that grabs our attention…with stomach aches.

Now, one might question how stomach aches can possibly be beneficial to our health. Well, stomach aches aren’t expectedly healthy. But the Unexpected Health that arises when our stomachs pain us is that when our stomach is upset, it is telling us that something is wrong…and having ‘red flag verbalizers’ in our body is healthy.

Yesterday, I ate foods that I normally don’t eat…at least not in excess. I consumed more sugar and refined carbs than I like, but I did so anyway because of the celebratory event. Well, fast forward eight hours, and you will find me awake at 3:30am, nursing a grumbling tummy. In the not-so-distant past, I ate more of these types of foods. But since choosing to fill my belly with more agreeable foods for my body, I now have a harder time reverting back to old habits.

As we further our understanding of ourselves, our bodies, and what is healthFUL for us–individually–it becomes increasingly more difficult to be any other way. And when we do participate in ‘another’ way (like yesterday’s self-inflicted sugar pain), we pay dearly. There is no turning back from health once we begin to experience how fantastic we feel when we are nourishing ourselves.

Dieters will say they are “cheating” when they eat something that their diet restricts them from. But I say, forget about cheating the diet. As we develop what gives us sustenance, we are not cheating some calorie-counting regime; we are inflicting pain–all kinds of pain–on ourselves. So the next time you are surrounded by foods that you know do not agree with you, choose to nourish yourself. It doesn’t mean you can’t have what is being offered, it just means to know your limits and don’t surpass them. Because when you do, you are only causing pain to YOU. Jenny Craig will not ‘pay the price’ if you eat a disagreeable food (in fact, she’ll make MORE money because you’ll probably be on her diet longer!)…but your tummy will.  Choose to be good to your belly. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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