Day 67 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Spontaneous Healing

I am a planner. I like to organize, have a schedule and follow along with life in a timely fashion. I have wall calendars, wallet calendars, even phone and email calendars. But today, as I thought about my very unscheduled day yesterday in San Francisco, I discovered how Unexpected Health often reveals itself…in spontaneity.

Now, there are numerous ways that health plays out when we have no set plans: being spontaneous allows for unexpected adventures to occur; spontaneity allows us to dabble in creative freedom; and being plan-less gives us permission to let ourselves off our own regimented ‘hooks’. But the Unexpected Health that you won’t find penciled in any calendar is that being spontaneous can make you feel like a kid again…and remembering what our lives are like without all of our own headaches is healthy.

I had a kid-like day yesterday. I tromped around the city with good friends, in great weather, and surrounded by lots of activities and opportunities. I have to admit, I did know who I was going with and had an idea of a group meeting spot, but other than that, the day and night were ours to create. There is so much freedom in allowing life to unfold; it is truly amazing what unravels when we let go of the reins. Although I did not meet anyone famous nor did I meet the man of my dreams, but I did experience extraordinary freedom by having no set plans; no ‘have to’s.’

Our lives are very scheduled, and that is not a bad thing. I think we do better in life when we have some order to our day. But once in a while (actually, every weekend should be less scheduled than all of ours are), it is essential to remember what life was like when we were kids; at least for most of us. Most kids do not have to carry the ‘weight of the world’ on their shoulders. They are free to explore, to create, to express. We as adults need those spontaneous moments in our lives. We need reminders about the joy that arises when we let go of control. So the next time you are ‘planning’ a weekend, don’t. Make a reservation or two but leave everything else to opportunity. You may be surprised by how healthFUL an unplanned adventure can be. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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