Day 68 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

A Call for Health

Life has a funny way of forcing us to speak our truth. We can avoid the conversations as much as we like but truth always prevails. And the more serious the situation, the more our mouth filters come off and our truth-telling sets in. These are the times we tend to avoid the political correctness, the sparing of feelings, and the ‘holding of our tongues.’ Because of these truthful–and healthFUL–opportunities, I find that Unexpected Health can infiltrate us (and others)…with wake up calls.

Now let me be clear, I am not talking about calls we get in the middle of the night from friends who think we should be joining in their festivities. I am talking about those moments when we are either receiving or giving a hit-you-over-the-head-with-truth reality check on life as we know it. Of course, we all know there are obvious health benefits to wake-up calls; these attention-grabbers give us a new perspective on life to consider; wake up calls grant us (or others) another chance, an opportunity to re-write our current situation; and being ‘awakened’ (as I’ve said before) forces us to snap out of whatever daze we are in and pay attention to what life is telling us. But, the Unexpected Health that I am reminded about is that wake up calls create honesty, and being honest with ourselves and our loved ones is healthy.

I have been given a few wake up calls in my 31 years of living. My wake up calls have not always been the result of catastrophic events; in fact, most of them have not (thankfully) been due to tragedy. But, I have been the recipient of many conversations questioning where I might be going…or not going, and what I might be doing…or not doing. I have also been the giver of a few wake up calls. I have had to have those hard conversations with family, with friends, and often the pre-discussion feelings of fear can be tongue-paralyzers. What if they take what I’m saying ‘wrong?’ What if they get mad at me? What if they no longer want to be in my life?

But what I have found is that wake up calls are perfect opportunities for honest insight and observations. Wake up calls, whether you are being given one or giving one, remind us that people care. When someone gets angry, sad, upset, or just fed up and dishes out a little insight, it is because they love and care about us. If they didn’t, why would they waste their breath talking about it? They wouldn’t.

I find that those who have been at the receiving end of a “Jaime wake up call,” are those whom I really love. The people that voice the most concern or even anger when they see those around them acting less than healthFUL, are the same people who would be by your side if a true catastrophic wake up call was to come into your life. So the next time you feel bombarded with some hard-hitting information from a loved one, consider their position. Remember that from where they stand, they see someone they love living a life that may be less than healthFUL. And if you are wanting to give that long overdue wake up call, do it. If we speak our truth in love, with love, love is the only call we are making. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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