Day 70 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Timekeepers of Health

It’s hard to believe that this is my 70th day on this journey. As usual, I am forever enamored with numbers, and today, 70 is the “It” number. The first number I thought of was that this year, my dad turns a very young 70 years old (sorry to let the ‘cat out of the bag’ on your age, dad!). Thinking a little more about 70 prompted me to do a little Internet search: in the Bible, Jesus tells Peter to forgive 70 times 7 (all sorts of 7’s in that commandment!); 70 years of marriage is considered the Platinum Anniversary; and 70 miles per hour is the common freeway speed in the Western United States.

Now that you have your fill of random “70” fun facts to better equip you for your next Trivial Pursuit game, let’s talk about some Unexpected Health. However, today’s Unexpected Health did not come mathematical divisible by 2; nor does it come sequentially before 71 and after 69. Although today’s revelation of health would not be possible without numbers, the almighty numeral is not my healthFUL tidbit of insight for the day. Because today, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in calendars.

I’m sure you could give me a list of healthiness scribbled in the boxed-in days of a calendar: calendars help organize our lives (healthy: check); visual reminders allow us to look forward to upcoming events (healthy: check); and of course, a calendar helps us immensely health-promoting, overextended (have you read day 69 yet?) individuals keep our days (or hours, minutes, lunch breaks) on task (healthy: check). But the Unexpected Health in calendars is that these little squares of days promote community support, and receiving community support is healthy.

Calendars help friends and loved ones plan vacations; calendars help us count down the days until graduation, a wedding, a holiday, the birth of a baby. Calendars can also be the timekeepers for scary events. People pencil in their day of surgery, their day for making big decisions, for life choices and changes. You tend to find these dates housed right alongside the anniversaries, doctor’s appointments and birthdays. But the blessing of calendars is that if you share these dates, these times, and these events, you give your network of support the opportunity to gather around you, to rally for your health and happiness.

Today, I was NOT unexpectedly surprised as my friends and family rallied together to ‘schedule’ themselves for preparing food for someone needing some extra TLC on their dinner plate. That’s what communities do for each other. When we share our calendars ‘days’–those times we want and need extra love and support–don’t be surprised if the humanity of humans show up to pencil themselves in too. So the next time you circle an important date on your own calendar, remember to leave a little extra room for others to join in. Whether it be an exciting day or an upcoming trying time, you may be healthFULLy surprised by the support you receive. So, mark it on your calendar, and then make it public. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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