Day 71 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

This Just In: Health Being Discovered in the Unknown

Didn’t we all want to be rich and famous at some point during our growing up years? Haven’t we all had those daydreams of being endlessly wealthy, wildly successful and insanely well-known? Maybe some still long for these aspirations. In my earlier years, I wanted to be anything from a big-time New York magazine writer (step aside Carrie Bradshaw) to a professional volleyball player (if you’ve seen me you know this is a “tall” order…total pun intended!) to a high paid sales rep (yeah, that only lasted about 6 months). But today, as I read the saddening headlines exploiting the private lives of very public people, I realized how Unexpectedly Healthy it is…to be totally ‘unknown.’

Being rich and famous comes with some healthFUL perks: you can afford any and every variety of luxurious pampering available; you can enjoy getaways to exotic places whenever you choose; you have access to the most high quality foods and can have them bought and prepared for you, and can then afford to pay someone to clean up the kitchen mess that you didn’t even make. But the Unexpected Health in being an unknown is that you can expose what you CHOOSE to expose, and having choices in your personal affairs is healthy.

When I went online today, I saw the headlines: “Sandra Bullock Moves Out Due to James’ Infidelity”…or some headline much more catchy than that. Yes, the woman who has been on top of the world with her movie hit, her Oscar win, and her countless praise are now all moments in the past; because now, what is plastered all over the media is her hardship and her ‘bleeding’ heart. “If It Bleeds, It Leads,” right?!

It’s not to say that us common folk avoid infidelity or any other hurt for that matter. But, when hard times happen, we get to choose who knows our business and who we share our heartache with (we put them on our community calendar (remember Day 70?) instead of being smeared on the cover of People). We lower middle class tax bracket individuals financially make less but emotionally gain so much more. We are awarded the luxury of privacy, intimacy, and normalcy. So the next time you feel you are not “keeping up with the Jones’,” remember that the ‘Jones’ family may look good on paper, but chances are, their lives are riddled with public humiliation, exploitation and scrutiny. Consider your quaint little life a comfortable, private, and healthFUL place to be. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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