Day 73 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

A Healthy Resemblance

Today is the first day of spring. It is a time of new growth, new beginnings, fresh flowers, and fresh perspectives. To christen the first day of this new season, I decided to go for an extra long hike out in nature with Lucca, a perfect location for seeing and experiencing all that a spring day should look like. Green grass, rolling hills, poppies peppering the hillside with a radiant orange hue that literally ‘pops’ up from the ground (maybe that’s where they get their name?!). Loads of people and their bikes, their children and of course, their dogs, were out on this day of Equinox. As I hiked, I made a conscious effort to talk to as many passersby as I could. Sometimes it was a simple, “Good morning;” other times, I would stop and let Lucca and another dog chase each other while I had a conversation with the dog’s human friend. I’m not typically a bragging sort of dog owner, but today, I have to admit, everyone who saw Lucca made a comment about how cute she was, how happy she seemed to be, and how friendly she was. Now, for those of you who know Lucca, “friendly” may not be the adjective you would have chosen. While she adores those she feels comfortable with, she can be a little, I’ll call, stand-offish toward those she doesn’t know. But out in the Open Space, she really does turn into a more ‘adapted’ animal. But this post is not a play-by-play about my morning with my dog. I do have some Unexpected Health to share and as promised in the past, Lucca is a part of my revelation. Today, as others constantly reminded me about my adorable dog, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in resemblances.

Now before I go on, I will admit that this project has forced me to ‘come clean’ with my readers. I have had to shelve my pride and my privacy at times in order for my insights to make sense. Well today, just like yesterday’s blemished skin confession, you are in for some more self-disclosure. So, here it goes…

I bought Lucca (for $12 I might add…best $12 ever spent!) because she was a dead-on lookalike of another dog that was once in my life…my ex’s family dog. When I saw Lucca’s picture, I thought that she looked JUST like Maddy, the dog I grew to love (and want!) during my relationship. More disclosure: I also thought I wanted the lifestyle, the family (well, at least the son), even the location that Maddy lived. No, I didn’t want to be Maddy the dog…I thought I wanted to be surrounded by the world she dwelled in. So to me, Lucca was a step toward getting back to the place I had been a few years ago; to a relationship I thought I wanted to return to.

But the irony–and more importantly, the health–that I discovered today while I looked at MY dog, Lucca, who when I finally found a picture of Maddy actually doesn’t really look like her at all,  I was overwhelming consumed by the love I have for my life, my location, and MY dog. I may have initially bought Lucca based on my recollection of a memory, a time in the past, a relationship of the past, but it doesn’t matter. MY dog (not my ex’s) has helped me grow, expand, and experience a substantial amount of health. She continually unexpectedly surprises me by the many metaphors she represents in my life; where I’ve been, where I am, where I’m going. So the next time you feel that heart-tug need to do something based on a resemblance of someone or some time, remember my story. Remember that you never know how a resemblance to one thing, one person, one experience, can actually become a more expansive channel for you to experience optimal and continual health. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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