Day 74 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Head Full of Health

I have had a pounding headache for the past two days…bleh. I pride myself on not getting sick, not having headaches, and feeling pretty healthy overall, so a few years ago, I threw out my “western” headache, cold, and sinus remedies (actually, I donated them) and decided I would stock my shelves with more holistic, more homeopathic healing agents. I replaced Advil with Tea Tree oil, Pepto Bismol with peppermint tea and lavender oil, and Benadryl with a Neti pot (for those of you have never used a Neti pot, you’re in for a real treat!).

But nonetheless, no matter how lovely my healing remedies may be, I still hate being ‘sick,’ so you can imagine my frustration having a throbbing headache for an entire weekend. Because of this head pounding annoyance, I felt compelled to discover the Unexpected Health…in a headache. Here is my foggy-brained, heavy-eyed attempt at some healthFUL insight…

Headaches literally force me to stay home; physically home and mentally home. When I have the kind of vision-blurring headache, I have no other choice but to clear my mind. Headaches shove out any available space in my head, and for me, that is a healthy necessity at times. My mind can go from 0 to 60 mph in no time at all, but headaches act as that emergency brake that I need to remind myself to slow down, take it easy, and stop thinking once in a while. Having these E-brakes installed in ourselves is healthy.

I spent most of yesterday (after my dog-focused walk: see Day 73) in my house, watching movies…something I RARELY do. Today, after teaching my nutrition class (of which I brought a piece of cake to…it’s all about balance, right?!), I ran a few errands, but am now back on my couch, about to stick in chick-flick #3.

It’s hard to give ourselves permission to “chill out.” Our society does not look fondly on couch-potatoes. To be honest, I don’t either. But sometimes, when our worlds become too busy and our minds become too cluttered, a little R&R is the best remedy. Unfortunately for most of us, it takes an illness like a headache to give us the ‘OK’ to relax, to unwind, to just be. So the next time you feel yourself getting worn down, overly tired, or just plain sick, give yourself permission to recuperate, rejuvenate, and recharge. Consider your next headache, stomach ache, back ache, neck ache, or toothache a reminder that if we overdo it on life, we can only go so long until our bodies will give us a ‘friendly’ health reminder. Remember that if YOU don’t take care of YOU, how can you possibly have anything healthFUL to share with the world? -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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