Day 75 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Lost and Found

I would consider myself an organized person. Actually, I am annoyingly organized. I feel some self-disclosure coming on: I line cans up in a cabinet so they all face the same way; I absolutely hate hand-written tabs on folders (yes, I own a label maker and no, you cannot borrow it); my CDs are not alphabetized but they are ALL in a CD holder in front of their cover. My computer desktop is clutter-free, easy to navigate and all folders are well-labeled. But today, amidst my obsessiveness with organization, I discovered that there is some (and I do emphasis “some”) Unexpected Health to be found…when you lose something.

Now, I’m not talking about being a ‘loser’ (see Day 16 for those health benefits). I am referring to the piece of paper, the folder, or the shopping list that you just KNOW you’ve seen but for the life of you, cannot find it! You know what I’m talking about: you can visually see what the missing object looks like (“It’s this long sheet of lined paper that has a cow on the top that says, “Mooove It or Lose It” underneath the udders”…something like that); you can remember picking it up, setting it down; you can recall the day you had it, who you were with, what you were wearing, and where you were going. But for some strange reason, you have NO IDEA where the darned thing is.Well, that’s me today! In my compulsive organization, I have managed to lose something.

As I was rifling through my office, which is desk-less at the moment (I blame that fact for my lost paperwork!), I discovered some tidbits of information that I had forgotten I owned. A few years back, I start collecting sayings that I loved. As you can imagine, because of my love affair with words, I found pages and pages of inspiration quotes, thought-provoking sayings, and life-changing challenges. These had been tucked away (neatly, of course), so while I was on a paper-hunt, I re-discovered the inspiration I had been collecting…and discovering inspiration unexpectedly is healthy.

When we lose things, we are forced to look; we see our house, our office, our car, even our life with a different lens. When life is going “normal,” it is easy to overlook those healthFUL reminders that are often right in front of our noses. When something is taken away, temporarily misplaced, or permanently removed, we cannot help but see life in a different light. It commonly happens that when I lose something, I discover something more. I might have lost a piece of paper today, but I found some healthy insights that I obviously needed to read. So the next time you lose a document, a to-do list, or an important piece of paper, start looking. But, open your eyes a little wider, expand your heart a little greater, and search for something more. You may never find your missing work, but I guarantee you will find a reminder, a memento, or an inspiration that you just may need that day. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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