Day 76 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Single Dose of Health

Have I mentioned how much I love spring? Today, on this very warm, sunny spring day, Lucca and I went for a run. My day had been pretty hectic, so I needed to get a little more oxygen into my lungs and even more information out of my mind. During my run, I tried to notice the nature that surrounded me. I saw the coyote that Lucca desperately wanted to play with (but thankfully didn’t!); I came ‘up close and personal’ to a herd of cows (but decided to keep a little distance in case Lucca wanted to ‘play’ with them too). But toward the end of my Open Space jaunt, I discovered the single piece of Unexpected Health that caught my attention today…the health we discover-unexpectedly-from being singled out.

Having someone single you out can be horrifying. That spotlight of embarrassment can shine right on us when we get pointed out of a crowd, are singled out in a group, or noticed for some particular reason. And oftentimes, being singled out is associated with a negative event. As kids, did you ever get called out in class for being disruptive, ‘wrong,’ or out of line? Not me! Obviously, that is a joke…

Anyway, the Unexpected Health we retain from being the subject of singled outness (I think I just made up a word) is that when we are positioned ‘away from the crowd,’ we have the ability to reveal our one-of-a-kind selves…and showcasing our unique specialness to the world is healthy.

Let’s get back on track…I started this post about my run. At the very end of my run, I noticed one lone poppy alongside a hill of weeds, brownish grass, and rocks. Although most of the Open Space is lush and green right now, this particular location is blah and brown. But not today. Well, at least, I didn’t notice it until today. This one orange flowering beauty had pronounced itself among a setting of basic; of nothing eye-catching, nothing particularly unique. But the poppy caught my attention.

It is easy to blur into the landscape of life; of our society, our culture. It takes guts to be brave, to stand out in a crowd; to be singled out. Now of course, I am not promoting we all ‘act out’ in order to be singled out…of course not. But I do encourage each and every one of us to highlight our uniqueness. Those in our history books are not there because they played it safe and never ‘colored outside the lines.’ In fact, just the opposite; people that make history do so because they are not afraid of being singled out, called out, or even cast out. So the next time you feel the urge to take a stand, be bold! Stand out! Be singled out! You just never know what kind of history you might be making. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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