Day 77 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

HealthFUL Comrades

I’ve had friends in low places (to borrow the Garth Brook’s song title). I’ve had friends while soaring high in life. I’ve been a friend, I’ve needed a friend, I’ve gained friends. I’ve remained friends with some, let go of others, and ultimately, am now surrounded by those people I consider my closest friends. But after watching a video clip of some Unexpected friends, I discovered that health comes in all packages, of all shapes and sizes, and definitely Unexpectedly…in friends.

For all of you friends out there, I’m sure I don’t need to share all of the obvious health benefits of friendships (well okay, I’ll name a few): having a confidant to share your life’s ups and downs with is healthy; friends laugh together, which we KNOW is healthy; and friends keep us company, assuring us that we are never alone…yep, that’s healthy too. But the Unexpected Health that blossoms in a friendship is that every friend we have is essential for very specific reasons in our life…and seeing the unique value of each and every person in your life is healthy.

I have friends who I automatically call when I need to vent; I have friends who I share my deepest, most humbling moments in life with; I have friends who will sign up for any crazy event, idea or destination I want to explore. Some of my friends are loud, some are quiet (not many!); some are more  passive, and some tend to put their bulldozer selves in high gear. But for each of their eclectic personalities, quirks and qualities, ALL of them play a vital role in my life. I need and want each of them in my life for very unique and special reasons.

I find that when we expand the definition of friends, we create freedom in friendships.  When we put all of our “eggs in one basket,” it is easy to put others on a pedestal…and pedestals are dangerous. Pedestals exalt others to a position higher than ourselves, which makes their inevitable fall OFF of these glorified stools much harder…on them and on ourselves. So, when we share our friendship roles with more than one person, we do not set others up for failure because we do not place them on a higher ranking than ourselves. Being a friend and having friends should be a shared experience of equal latitude.

Nobody can ever be a perfect friend or a perfect mate. So make sure to share the wealth of friendship. Don’t keep your friendship count at 1. Expand your vision of friendship; share your world with at least a few good friends.  Watch what happens when your vision gets bigger! Prepare to laugh out loud…

-Until tomorrow, Jaime

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