Day 78 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Shopping for Health

I used to be a big time shopper. I was never a high-end buyer; I was the type who may not spend $500 on one pair of Manolo Blahnik’s but would have 30 pairs of shoes that equaled the same amount of money. In my mind, I was justified because I was getting ‘more bang for my buck.’ In other words, I was an advertiser’s ideal customer!

As I have tried to clear the clutter out of my life (literally and figuratively!), I have eased up on my frivolous spending. But every now and again, I like a nice new outfit, a cute pair of shoes, or a new sun dress. And because of my most recent shopping experience, I discovered the Unexpected Health one can find hanging on the sale rack…while shopping!

I’m sure at this point, every woman reading this just got really excited. Yes, there IS health to be had in the Nordstrom, Macy’s and Target near you! But, in my experience, what you take off the hanger is not nearly as important–as healthy–as what you put on the minds of store employees. Let me explain…

I bought a pair of jeans a month ago. Because I am not the tallest woman in the world, I needed to get them shortened. So, I put them on, had them pinned and then handed them off to the lady who does the alterations. We walked to the counter, rang up my items, and away I went. A week or so later, I picked them up and now have the cutest, gem-stoned pocketed jeans around! Well today, I decided I needed to return one of the items that I just don’t like. But before I went, I checked my mail and saw that my store’s credit card statement was in my mailbox. So, I opened it and looked at the total…surprisingly low! What I noticed was that I hadn’t been charged for my jeans….quite a dilemma. Do I plead not guilty and enjoy a FREE pair of jeans? Not my mistake, right? Isn’t that a healthy little free-be?

Well, I walked in, returned my unwanted item, and then paused…

Fast forward to now…the Unexpected Health in shopping is that even when we are buying objects for ourselves–indulging in our desires–we can still show healthy behaviors for a higher good…and promoting good in any and every opportunity is healthy. Shifting from a ‘me’ mentality to a ‘we’ way of living and being begins the much needed paradigm shift in our world; a shift toward seeking the goodness for all instead of the benefit of self.  So the next time you have an opportunity to show  unexpectedly positive behavior, do not let this opportunity pass you by. Even if it costs you more money or inconveniences you a little, remember that our world cannot change if it doesn’t start with just one person…let that one person be you.

Today, I walked to the jeans section, grabbed the same pair of  jewel-pocketed jeans I have at home, took them to the counter, paid for them, and walked out empty handed…but full of integrity. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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