Day 80 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Becoming the Patient

I have been trying to create my home office since January (remember the health in painting?). Well, it is now March 27 and I finally found the perfect desk to accent my vibrant turqouise walls. I had ordered a desk back in February but back order after back order after back order finally prompted me to cancel my order and opt for a search on Craigslist…ahh, the beauty of the Internet. Now the trick with Craigslist (for those of you who don’t know) is that if you want something, you have to search every day; sometimes even a few times a day.

I saw tons of desks: wood desks, modern desks, l-shaped desks (which is what I wanted), roll top desks, student desks…I never knew there could be so many varieties of desks! But I was very specific about what I wanted: an l-shaped, glass top, rounded corners (feng shui says to eliminate sharp edges on furniture), and a dark wood (preferably cherry). The desk I initially ordered had two of the four requests; and I had to assemble it, which I dislike doing. My mindset was, “Well, two of my requests is better than nothing…maybe this is the best I can get.” Not so. This brings me to the Unexpected Health insight for the day…the amazingly healthFUL result one can experience…in patience.

I have been waiting to create my office space for months. It started with the clearing of unneeded clutter. Then I moved on to the paint (which I love!); then the comfy office chair (which I did assemble); and finally, the perfect desk–a place to house all of my creative thoughts, inspirations, and revelations. Well today, for a mere $90 and a five minute assembly (thanks to my brother), I have it…and seeing the proof in patience is healthy.

Now as I have self-disclosed before, patience is not one of my virtues. I have to work REALLY hard to patiently wait. But right now, as I sit at my new desk, overlooking my patio and feeling the cool breeze flowing through the room, I am experiencing the amazing reward that being patient grants us.

It is so easy to be impatient. We live in a society where we wait for nothing. We have overnight delivery, online shopping, digital cameras, 30-day escrow options. The times of saving, waiting, and wondering are a time of the past. But sometimes (actually, most of the time), waiting–holding out for what we really desire–is the most gratifying reward we can give ourselves. So, the next time you are waivering on whether to take the plunge on something that isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, hold out! When we practice patience and wait for what we really want, the reward is so much greater. I say this today and I will say this when I finally meet the man I will marry, “It was TOTALLY worth the wait!” -Until tomorrow, Jaime

Evidently Lucca approves!

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