Day 82 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Not Your Typical Health Store

I have to admit, I like grocery shopping. Well, let me rephrase: I like grocery shopping at fun stores like Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl and Rainbow Grocery. Unfortunately, these stores aren’t nearly as reasonable as your typical Grocery Outlet, WinCo Foods or Food 4 Less. But I will tell you, they are WAY more fun. There are always yummy goodies to try (which may be why you’ll spend $8 for a block of cheese that you could get for $3.99 at Safeway), lots of funky foods to buy (kale crisps anyone?), and there is never a shortage of fruits and vegetables that you have never heard of before. But today, while shopping at the typically boring Safeway down the street, I found some Unexpected Health…in shopping carts!

Now, you might be asking yourself, “How in the world can shopping carts be healthy? Don’t they provide sanitizer wipes near shopping carts because they are so unhealthy?” Well, my soapbox discussion on how we are OVER sanitized is a whole other issue that I will not delve into on this 82nd day of Unexpected Health. Of course, shopping carts can house all sorts of healthFUL items: fruits, veggies, whole grains, wine. But the Unexpected Health that we push around with shopping carts is that when you check out of the grocery store and walk out into the parking lot, you have this incredible opportunity to let go: that’s right, place one foot on the lower rack, give yourself a little push, raise your other foot onto that same rack, hold on, and sail your way to your car! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a little ride on the back of a shopping cart?

Today, while doing a very mundane activity of grocery shopping at Safeway, I ended my outing with a little joyride; I felt, for even just a minute or so, like a kid without a care or responsibility in the world. I placed my, “Adults don’t do this” ego in my metal cart and away I went…and being able to let go of our endless ‘adultness’ once in a while is healthy.

Life can be so serious sometimes. Once we get out of school, we are expected to act a certain way; to maintain composure, cool and collected. Well guess what? Sometimes we need to remind our uber-responsible selves that life is too short to take every moment so serious. So the next time you have the daunting task of after work grocery shopping, when the lines are longer but people’sĀ  fuses are shorter, create a little fun–a little health–with your experience. Hop on, hold on, and take a spin with your shopping cart. You are never too old to have a little childish fun. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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