Day 83 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Health Expectations

I expect a lot from myself. I hold myself to a very high standard, which creates both health and disharmony in my life. The healthy aspects of my high expectations is that I can get task done effectively, professionally, and in a timely manner. People know they can rely on me because I am responsible and keep my word. However, this elevated expectation I place on myself can also lead to burnout because, if I know I can do something, I am determined to do it…myself. But today, amid my self-expectations as well as the expectation I hold to my surroundings, I discovered some large-scale Unexpected Health…in high expectations! Let me explain…

I have been trying to rent this abnormally large, somewhat unique office space for quite a few months. When the previous tenant moved out, I walked in and immediately envisioned a specific type of business that would be perfect for the space: a movement/healing center. We opened up the room to create one large spacious area, put hardwood floors in, and painted the walls a neutral but warm color. I could see the yoga mats rolled up in a basket in the corner; I imagined quiet music, mindful movement, and awareness education. I know it sounds weird, but that’s what I saw. I even posted the Craigslist ad around my vision, stating something like, “This space is perfect for a yoga and/or Pilates studio;” really, that’s what it said.

Well yesterday afternoon, I received a phone call from an inquirer. They had not even seen the Craigslist blurb, which expressed my high hopes for the space; they saw our sign dangling from the roof. Fast forward to THIS afternoon and what you will find at 3:30pm is a fax coming in. It read, “Commercial Property Application.” There it was, right in front of me; it IS a healthFUL practice to have high expectations! The prospective tenant’s occupation: massage school owner, yoga, and Qigong practitioner.

As much as I can burn myself out with my unrealistic expectations at times–which is NOT healthy–the Unexpected Health one finds with expectations is that when we refuse to waiver, when we set the bar a little higher than expected, we are often pleasantly (and unexpectedly) surprised by the outcome. Today, amidst the rest of my work day, I visually saw what happens when we, ‘keep our eye on the ball’ and expect nothing less than what is optimally healthy for the greater good…and helping create health for more than ourselves is healthy.

The other ‘aha’ I had with this potential perfect fit of a tenant is that a few years ago, I stated (out loud, on purpose) that I wanted to create a wellness center. Now, most people entering the Master’s program I did also have the same wild fantasy; but after about a quarter of school, they realize that is not the direction they want to go…including myself. However, since I have been property managing this eclectic little building, every single tenant (with the exception of one) has been a healer of some variety. Maybe my set intention–coupled with my wild expectations–has drawn a healing environment; ultimately creating a large-scale, expectations through the roof, wellness center. It may not come in the package I initially thought it would (and actually, didn’t really want), but a wellness center is being created…one rented space at a time.

So the next time you find yourself settling in to comfort, I challenge you to take it to the next level. I propose you set the bar a little higher, set your expectations slightly above, and just see what happens. You might find yourself burned out…or you might find your passion, your happiness, your health, burning from the inside out. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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