Day 84 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Googling for Health

Have you ever done a website search for something and it directed you to the wrong site? The simplest incorrect spelling, .net instead of .com, or hyphen instead of slash can pop up all sorts of websites you may (or may not!) want to see. Today, I was the victim of mistaken identity…well actually, mistaken domain name. But because of a misdirected inquirer, I discovered the Unexpected Health…in the wrong website.

I check my email every morning. It is part of my morning work ritual. Today, in my email Inbox, I discovered a website contact form from my website, (in case you were wondering…feel free to take a break from this post and check it out!). At any rate, it was from a woman looking for a weight loss program. She said she had been given the name of my website (she thought) because her friend and her friend’s husband have had tremendous results with the program. Well, I don’t have a weight loss program posted on my website. In fact, I don’t think I even mention weight loss on my website. However, what a fantastic opportunity to educate someone about health…and being able to offer health education–filtering in from the ‘wrong’ website or not–is healthy.

Having received this email makes me wonder: maybe she didn’t receive the wrong website after all? Maybe this woman accidentally typed in my website because she is looking for more than weight loss; more than a strict, calorie-counting regime of boring food and mundane workouts. I am in the business of revolutionizing health; of embodying the experience of feeling amazingly alive and vital! So maybe, just maybe, this woman wants to know more about THAT!? Maybe not, but no matter what, my email to her will be a tidbit of knowledge, of hope, that will hopefully spread like the wildfire through her…maybe my larger-than-life expectations (see yesterday’s post) will expand her vision of health and vitality as well…and to think, it may have all started from a typo. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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