Day 86 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Projet

Seated Sight

Since the Craigslist find of my perfect desk (see Day 80 in case you forgot), I am obsessed with my new home office. I love it. As much as I have loved the 86 days that I have written about Unexpected Health, I have a new-found love for these writing times because of my surroundings:  my feng shui approved l-shaped desk, my view to the outside world, and the topic of today’s Unexpected Health insight…my comfy office chair. Yes, health is seated on the cushion of a good old-fashioned swiveling office chair.

Now, there are many healthy aspects of an office chair: you’ve got a place to rest your rump during the work day; office chairs often come equipped with adjustable heights, arm rests, even uprightness. But the Unexpected Health in office chairs is that the simple swiveling mechanism that sets a desk chair apart from the rest, allows us to change perspectives by literally changing our position…and having a perspective change is healthy.

Think about it; you can be faced with one problem, one task, one horribly annoying individual…all facing one direction. But, with the slight abdominal movement or push with your hand, you can face something entirely different. Oftentimes when we feel frustrated, or ‘stuck’ in a specific situation, we find not-so-healthy coping mechanisms: we eat, we gulp down a large amount of caffeine, we bite our fingernails, we email our friend to gripe and complain. But really, all we have to do is turn our chair and our environment is different, which means our ‘look out’ can change our outlook.

Sometimes we need to change directions, change positions, and change perspectives. Our vision in life can get rather blurry when we over-focus on life’s ups and downs. So the next time you are troubled at work, consider a turnaround of thought with the turn of your chair. We are equipped with all sorts of healthFUL tools for living in this life…we just need to remember to look for them. Sometimes, they are literally underneath us. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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