Day 88 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

HealthFUL Holidays

Today is Easter Sunday. In my Christian upbringing, this day has always represented a day of happiness, of new hope and undiscovered faith. For those of you who are not familiar with the Christian religion, today represents the day that Jesus rose from the dead; and of course, this is cause for great celebration. As a child, I remember this day as one where my  family went to church; I always remember wearing a very fancy dress and dress shoes (and for some reason, I remember them being white…I have a strange memory sometimes); there was usually lots of food after the service, followed by an always exciting, always elaborate Easter egg hunt on our ranch (I think there might have even been a dirt bike treasure hunt for our Easter baskets one year). My parents always knew how to create memorable holidays for my brother and I. So, for all the Christmases, Easters, Thanksgivings, and Hanukkahs, I have discovered some Unexpected Health…in holidays.

Now, the obvious health benefits to a holiday is that these special days are most often a time of celebration; of getting together with good friends and family. These, of course, promote and sustain vital health within us. But, the Unexpected Health that hops alongside this Easter holiday is that today should remind us of spring; of new growth, new opportunity, a ‘resurrection’ of untapped expansion in our lives…and having holidays that remind us about expansiveness is healthy.

All holidays are significant for different reasons. Religions and cultures of the world may celebrate the various holidays for specific purposes, but what really matters is that these special days signify SOMETHING. I continue to be reminded that our world is in a desperate search for meaning. We are looking for purpose, for passion, for purity in our lives. Holidays give us that something. They represent hope, meaning, faith, love. Too often our days are filled with mediocrity; with insignificant details and duties. But holidays give us the opportunity to delve in deeper to the meaning of our lives; to ask ourselves the questions that are significant to the holiday. Today, I choose to ask myself, “How will I ‘rise’ above?” “What needs reviving in my own life?” Because, although the gift–and the health–may be the holiday, the sinking in, digging in, and going within, is up to us. So the next time a holiday pops up on your calendar, take a little extra time and remind yourself what the holiday represents in your life. Consider the day more than a paid day off…allow yourself to find a little meaning in the merriment. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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