Day 90 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Hitting the Health Notes

I am no Celine Dion. I may sing in the shower and belt out a tune in my car (while driving with the sunroof open, of course…see Day 1), but there are no record deals coming my way. However, while watching a group of singers on TV and ‘singing to my own tune’ most days, I perked up my ears and listened to some Unexpected Health that hits the health note…in singing.

Now, singing has all sorts of physical health benefits: the vibration that travels through your body when you sing actually calms and soothes a stressful being; hitting a big note forces us to practice diaphragmatic breathing, also a healthy aspect; and belting out a happy tune can lift your spirits. But the Unexpected Health benefit of singing is that when you take the time to memorize the lyrics, mimic the melody, and squawk out the tune, you are expressing your emotions…and freeing your innermost thoughts into form is healthy.

Ever wonder why you hit the “Repeat” button on your CD player, iPod, and iTunes? Find it strange that you gravitate toward certain songs more than others? Sometimes we love a song because of the catchy tune; but more often, we favor a song because of its lyrics. When we are consciously–or unconsciously–feeling a certain way, songs give us the avenue, the permission, to express it in words. I have found that days I feel sad, I tend to belt out, hit “Repeat” and belt out again, a song that speaks to my feelings. Days that I feel happy and energetic, I have the toe-tapping need to use my ‘pipes’ for a lively beat.

It’s hard to be open with our feelings sometimes. Some say that men are the ones who have trouble tapping into their deeper selves; but as a woman, I can be reserved with my emotions as well…I don’t really think gender appeals as much as we think it does. So when I am in need of a filter for my feelings–an outlet for my healthFUL expression–singing allows me that opportunity. So the next time you hear a song and get lost in the lyrics and mesmerized by the melody, remember that the song that tugs at your heart is a compilation of words to pay attention to. We can be ‘spoken to’ by a variety of sources…especially those songs blaring from our FM stations. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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