Day 92 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Soaring towards Health

Traveling by plane can be quite an ordeal. Before boarding, you must park you car (unless you get dropped off), take a shuttle to the terminal, unload your luggage (which you have undoubtedly already done at least three times already), walk to the check-in counter, and shuffle through your wallet looking for confirmations, IDs and boarding passes. Then it’s off to security. Stand in line. Show your boarding pass and ID again; take off your shoes, your coat, your vest, your jewelry, your belt. Walk through security, hope you don’t get stopped; pull out all the gear you just dumped into the little plastic bin, and away you go. You arrive at your gate, wait in more lines to board; nearly knock out passengers with your carry-ons while trying to find a seat, which if you had my luck today, you are stuck in the middle seat, with both arm rests already spoken for. Ahh, the love of flying.

But today, as I sit in the middle chair, feeling the little legs behind me pushing against my seat, my arms plastered to my sides, I am reminded of the Unexpected Health that soars right alongside me….when flying.

Flying is often associated with many unhealthy characteristics: the recycled air is the culprit of after-landing colds and flu; flights can be nerve-wracking if you are stuck behind or next to a screaming baby; and flying can invoke an array of fears, phobias and anxieties. But the Unexpected Health that shares space with the friendly skies is that when we are soaring through the clouds, seeing the Earth from a one-of-a-kind lens, we have the opportunity to be reminded about the beauty that surrounds us…and seeing the good on this Earth is healthy. If we let ourselves, it would be easy to be entangled with the negativity of our surroundings. Our eyes and minds are inundated with all of the horrors going on around us; murdered people, kidnapped children, warfare, hate crimes, racial crimes. But once you are in the air, you are forced to unplug from the world below. Flying in the friendly skies allows us to look out our window (or peer over the shoulder of the lucky guy sitting in the window seat) and see beauty…to see good.

It’s not that we should be naïve to the tragedies around us. But sometimes, just sometimes, we need to be able to ‘fly’ away from the bad, the sad, and the discouraging. So the next time you take a trip on a flight, forget about the annoyance of the check-in counter, the security gate, and the baggage claim. Consider your time in the sky a perfect opportunity to see the beauty that still exists amidst the ugliness…sometimes we just need to elevate ourselves above to see it clearer. And if you are lucky enough to get a window seat, do your neighbors a favor (unless they are sleeping) and leave the window shade up. Share the beauty with those around you. –Until tomorrow, Jaime

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