Day 94 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Homegrown Health

I am a farmer’s market junkie. Yep, I am addicted to experiencing the local flare of a town by perusing the tents of their Saturday, Sunday, or weekday market. But today, as I walked the F-shaped market on 13th street in Boulder, I discovered the Unexpected Health that sets up shop on a thoroughfare near you…at a farmer’s market.

Now of course, there are many obvious health benefits to a farmer’s market: you can pick up fresh, local, oftentimes organic fruits, vegetables, oils, nut butters, honey, even wine. A farmer’s market offers a family, friend, or individual outing on a beauty morning. And a local market displays the foods of the area, allowing a greater understanding of local food sources. But the Unexpected Health you find under the tent-lined street at a farmer’s market is that whichever town market you may be visiting—including your own—you are experiencing the beauty that each town, each artisan offers…and being exposed to the beauty and uniqueness of each person, of each place, is healthy.

I fell in love with farmer’s markets when I lived in Santa Barbara. The Tuesday Night Market, which blocked off numerous blocks on the famous State Street, offered a glimpse into the health that Santa Barbara offered; lavender oils, fresh tuberoses (which I NEVER find at other markets), local honey, even local dog treats. After Santa Barbara, I grew to love Chico’s Thursday Night Market, which showcased the uniqueness of this college town: kettle corn, gypsy dancers, fresh herbs, and the most amazing breads (from Great Harvest Bread Co., of course!). And today, Boulder’s Saturday market reached Santa Barbara and Chico caliber for my farmer’s market ‘fix’.

Each and every one of us has a special gift to share with the world. Some of our gifts are more easily displayed; the giftedness of teachers have a school in which to display their work; doctors are often found showcasing their gifts in a hospital; and those wanting to show others the awe of the skies have airline carriers like Southwest Airlines in which to work with. But local artists are often left to their work-out-of-their-home, do-it-yourself and barely mowed grassroots marketing, and local venues in which to display their creative expression to the world. And farmer’s markets are often those venues.

We all need share-your-gifts canvases in which to paint our passions. So the next time you want to experience artistry at work, take a trip to your local farmer’s market. You never know what sort of inspiration, what sort of health insights, you may gain. And if you are considering a relocation, make sure you see what unique gift your potential town has to offer by grabbing your recycled bags and making your way down to the farmer’s market. You can learn a lot about a place and its people by the farmer’s market; so stop by, gather your fresh fruits and veggies, and take a little stroll under the tents toward health. –Until tomorrow, Jaime

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