Day 96 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Getting Away FOR Health

I am back on California soil after a weekend of utopia in Colorado. Back to work, responsibility, and schedules. The letdown felt on a Sunday night after a much-awaited weekend is always a bit depressing. But as I unpacked my bags and put away my goodies (I found the most amazing soy candles made in Boulder), I thought about my weekend and how easy it is to experience Unexpected Health…with a quick weekend getaway.

We all look forward to vacations. A week , two weeks, three weeks ‘away from it all’ can be so rejuvenating. There is an abundance of Unexpected Health that shares luggage space with a long vacation. But short trips–weekends away–are also Samsonite-stuffed with health. It is much easier to pack up a small bag and head ‘outta dodge’ for a few days than it is to prepare for an extend-a-stay. A short flight may be close to home location-wise, but the distance away from the pressures of life can be monumental….and being able to get away and unwind from the stressors of life is healthy.

Sometimes we need to physically remove ourselves from our lives in order to relax. And oftentimes, it doesn’t matter how far the distance is between home and a getaway. And the more responsibilities we have, the harder it seems to get away for a long time period. But even a short three-day mini vacation can give us that jump start to re-enter the world. So the next time you feel the need to get away but can’t afford or can’t commit to being gone for a week or more, consider the invigoration–the health–from a quick trip. You don’t have to travel internationally to find some R&R…it may be in your country, in your state, or even in your zip code. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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