Day 98 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Excusing Health

“There is just no excuse for that.” How many times have you heard that in your lifetime? How many times have you said that very same statement? Well, as the self-disclosure continues on this 98th day of Unexpected Health, I admit that I have said that statement countless of times and have been the recipient of that statement as well. I guarantee there is health in humility!

Anyway, while spending the evening running and then eating with my very close friend, I discovered the many ways we can find Unexpected Health…in excuses.

Excuses get a bad rap. Making excuses seems synonymous with laziness, lack of responsibility, and an inability to admit when you are wrong. And to some degree, that is an accurate depiction of an excuse. But what often gets overlooked (and under-used in the English language) is how excuses allow us to experience wild adventures and enjoy abundant health…and giving us any reason to celebrate life is healthy.

My friend and I have an “excuse” to get together most Wednesday nights because we are training for a 1/2 marathon. Some might say that the running is how we would experience our health, but to be honest, I often feel a little less than optimally healthy when I run! But, the running is our designated time to catch up. As we huff and puff our way toward our weekly mileage goal, we experience the Unexpected Health that our “excuse” graces us with: friendship, connection, motivation.

Life seems to get busier and busier. We are all busy. So sometimes, we NEED to make excuses in order to give ourselves permission to take a timeout from the hamster wheel of our lives. I have an excuse for many important necessities in my life: I make excuses to experience a place because, “there’s just no excuse” not to! I purposefully donated my coffee machine to my parents so I have an “excuse” to have a quick morning cup o’ Joe with my mom. And sometimes, I love to blame the weather for my staying in and watching movies on a random Saturday (the weather is always a great excuse for relaxation).

We shouldn’t need an excuse to have a little fun, catch up with friends, or unwind from our responsibilities, but if an excuse is the only thing that allows you to relax, then excuse away! So the next time you make an excuse, make it a healthFUL one. And from this day forward, consider the positive–the healthy–usage of that word. Change your excuses to be less of a way out and more of a way in. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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