Day 99 ~ 177 Days of Unexpected Health Project

Selling Health

We are a nation of collectors; of hoarding, consumption, and buying. I wonder if any other country has as many “Anonymous” workshops as we do? I’ve seen advertisements for Hoarders Anonymous, Clutterers Anonymous, and Shoppers Anonymous…all useful classes to help people become aware of their insatiable appetite for collecting stuff.

Well, as my journey toward Unexpected Health continues, I have found, tucked in the back of my closets (next to the suits that I will never wear again), some important health insights…in garage sales.

While digging through my collection of clothes, knick knacks, and sports gear, preparing for this weekend’s garage sale, I became acutely aware of the bargain price of Unexpected Health in getting rid of unneeded paraphernalia in our lives…it’s free! And being able to experience vitality for no additional charge is healthy. In fact, garage sales will usually give you a little return on your health investment. Not only are you freeing your life of unwanted, no longer needed, clutter that can cause disharmony and dis-ease in your life, but you may also be providing an item for someone in need. And let’s not forget that gaining a few extra bucks in your pocket never hurt anyone, either.

Garage sales can be a lot of work. But for all the effort it takes to put one on, you can gain much more by the freedom you experience when your house–and your life–is eliminated of the clutter and chaos. So the next time you feel your world is overcome with stuff, consider a garage sale a healthFUL option. It is one of the most lucrative health solutions you can give yourself. -Until tomorrow, Jaime

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