Jaime L. Mathews

A little about me…

The Checkmarks – These are the achievements that I have “checked off” in my life. They include a Master’s of Art in Holistic Health Education, with a specialization in Holistic Nutrition at John F. Kennedy University, and a Bachelor’s of Art in journalism from California State University, Chico. During college, I was the Assistant Feature’s Editor for The Orion, one of the leading college newspapers in the country at that time. After graduating, I worked in the fitness industry, eventually becoming the Wellness Director of an exclusive fitness resort. I left that after several years and tried my business owner shoes on for size. I owned a  full-service hair salon for over six years and also during that time, I launched and owned/published the local edition of a nationally-franchised magazine, Natural Awakenings, a free, healthy living publication in the East San Francisco Bay Area.  Two years–and many wrinkles later–I sold the magazine, right around the time I got married and then got pregnant with twins. And a few years after my girls were born, I shut that drama-filled hair salon down and opened another business, a fireplace retail store, with my hubby. I would have never thought that selling gas fireplaces would be up my alley, but helping create warm and cozy environments for our clients is beyond gratifying.

The Birthmarks – These are the moments that will leave a lifelong imprint on my life; ones that have defined me much more authentically than the degrees hanging on my office wall. They are the birthmarks that I proudly bear for all to see. Those moments came when I became a mommy; first to my twin girls and now to my son. In truth, I became a mom-figure when I married my husband, who has two kiddos from a previous marriage. That is when I first realized what my actions, reactions and how I ebbed and flowed through this world made a difference because I had little eyeballs watching me, mimicking what I said and how I handled myself. But when I birthed my twins and then my son, I knew that who I was mattered so much more because I now how the incredibly important task of raising little humans who would eventually carry my legacy…so I better leave a good one! You see, anyone can get a degree and many people can own a business. People do it all the time. But to be a mentor, a role model, a mommy, that to me is my greatest achievement, my proudest moment, and the highest standard to which I live.

My goal is to use the gift of writing to educate and inspire those mentors, those role models, and yes, those mommies, to live their best life, raise their families with a lot of love and maybe a little dirt..because holistic health is all about getting back to the roots of our world. So dig in to the topics I cover; try them on for size. And remember that your degrees don’t make the difference…your heart does.

Discover health beyond all expectation.

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